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We went for a ride yesterday...

...in the airplane. We'd planned on just an hour flight, but it stretched to an hour and a half. We went from Airport Number Two, down to Provo, over to Tooele, and back. The Hubby had planned on landing at the Tooele airport, but some people were parachuting into it, so we just headed home instead.

We had a lovely flight alongside the Wasatch Mountains, with a great view of Utah Lake, and the BYU campus. We saw some of the Copper Mine, and sailboats on the Great Salt Lake, and the new Larry H. Miller Motorsports complex. It's funny how the landscape really doesn't look real from that altitude.

Da Boy had a good time, apparently. We're talking about heading to Boise this week. The zoo has baby Bat-Eared Foxes. *flails*

And then we picked up S2 of "Lost" at Walmart for $11 less than usual (yay for getting it the week it goes on sale!). We're going to marathon it and hopefully finish watching before S3 starts Oct 4. One disk down...
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