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Word count today: 117
Total word count: 1314

I fail. I'm having some problems with my voice in this thing. It takes place in 1880 Texas, and I thought that maybe reading some Will James would help, but he has such a unique style that it...didn't. I may need to break out my Max Brand. Le sigh.

That being said, I'd forgotten James's story about the Seeing Eye ranch ponies. That was a treat to re-read. And the good news is that I moved my plot forward. Microscopically.

In other news, I was thinking about wank in the Buffy fandom, and how we sometimes still get it. And I was surprised, since the shows have been over for a fair bit. And then I remembered that this is the fandom that turned knock-down, drag-out fights over which vampire Buffy should be emasculating is Buffy's twu wuv (poor Riley, the actual human boyfriend, left out in the cold) into an art form, and then I'm no longer surprised. Honestly, Sun Tzu could take a page out of the Spuffies' and Bangels' books and rename his own book "The Art of Shipping Wars."
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