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Running word count...

Words written yesterday in new paragraphs: 0
Total words: 1653

So, I apparently added some words...somewhere. But we got paid and ran errands and went and saw "Open Season" yesterday, and then it was Buffy Night, so I didn't have much time to write.

I got my cya_ficathon assignment. *dances* Oh, yes, looking forward to this. I actually had four requests, and I may write at least two of them. However, I must remind myself to write the OrigiFic first. That takes priority until closer to the deadline. However, I should be able to write the requested things in my sleep, so I'll mull plotlines for them for a few days and see what comes out.

Um, yes, go see "Open Season." Fun stuff. A beaver with a chainsaw never gets old.

Also, I wish to turn in my uterus now. Anyone want one, slightly used?
Tags: cya, horse needs clothes, movies, writing
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