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I scribbled nearly 700 words yesterday for the cya_ficathon. And now I'm debating if I want to do the entire thing from River's POV, in first person, which I don't think I've done before.

I have now re-read the Horse Needs Clothes story, remixed into first person, and I've decided I like it. Final word count: 2215. Still needs a title. "First Contact" is so cliche. Guess I should go on a hunt for alien quotes.

Other things on the agenda for today:
Grocery shopping
Library Well. We didn't actually go to the library. I renewed everything online. *is lazy*
Clean bathrooms

I am out of Diet Strawberries and Cream Pepsi. Woe. The grocery trip solved that. Yay!
Tags: cya, horse needs clothes, the end, writing
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