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So I had Writer Group last night

*facepalms* Dude, I have so much to learn. My Writing Buddy gave me back the BeagleFic covered in red ink. Apparently when I think I'm showing, I'm actually telling. Those scenes I thought I could just gloss over to get to teh funneh? Can't, really. *cries*

However, that being said...I'm really hopeful that I can whip this thing into some sort of shape that will make publishers interested. I have a way of adding dramatic tension now, if I can just get the words to come out on my screen.

In other depressing writing news, I sent the HNC fic to my Mom. Who then said "Is this finished? You've left your protagonist in a pretty precarious position." Well, yes. Dead is, indeed, precarious. So...maybe I'll rescue him. Meh. Or maybe I'll make him a cattle rustler instead of just an ordinary cowboy. There's a notion...
Tags: beaglefic, horse needs clothes, writing
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