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I've added something like 700 words to the BeagleFic. The red has been stanched to a large extent, but I still have a long way to go. I think I should introduce the ship's doctor sooner than I do as well. But I've added the two main scenes I wanted to add, and most of the rest is just tweaking. I hope.

In other news, we may be heading to St Louis. The Hubby has 11 days off in a row after Tuesday, and we're thinking about taking the Cardinal on a trip. However, the weather looks...uncooperative, so we might head the other way, to San Diego or Phoenix, instead. Haven't decided yet. However, there's a whole boatload of stuff to do in St Louis; who knew? The zoo even has anteaters! With a BABY. *flails*

Decisions, decisions...
Tags: beaglefic, vacations
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