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Drive-by posting...

*waves to flist*

I'm in St Louis, having a fabulous time, wish you were here. *waves to inlovewithnight* The St Louis Zoo is a wonderful, magical place and I want to take it home with me. Alas, I shall have to settle for the nearly 300 pix I shot instead. All the animals look freshly groomed. Including the hyenas and the red river hogs (most wonderful of all pigs on the planet and possibly in the Top Ten List of agilebrit's Favorite Critters).

Tomorrow night? We're going to see "Spamalot." It's opening night. Is that AWESOME or what?

No writing to speak of at all. However, the plot bunnies are nibbling at my ankles. I think I have either the next origi-fic OR the next fanfic basic premise (heh, possibly both). I have a notion or two about the BeagleFic. So...percolation is continuing.

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