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Writing. And other stuff.

So, I'm working on the rewrite of the BeagleFic. And I'm noticing that the frelling rewrite is taking longer than writing the original story did. The story practically wrote itself when I first did it. Right now? I'm pulling teeth. It's very frustrating.

In other news, Da Boy has been practically angelic today. Not sure what's gotten into him. *looks at him suspiciously*

And the Steelers are sucking today. Again. *cries* What happened to my team??? Yotz.

Also, you know you've been watching too much BtVS when a random stranger on an airport bus says he's going to Cleveland, and you have to bite your tongue to prevent yourself from saying, "Really? I hear they have a Hellmouth there."
Tags: beaglefic, btvs, da boy, random, steelers, writing

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