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Last night's "Lost"...


Dude, Jack has gone to a really dark place...and has thus finally become interesting. And I kind of hate Kate for doing that to Nathan Kevin. What in the hell made her think she could ever have a normal life with her father's murder hanging over her head? With a COP??? Bitch, please. She could have ruined his entire career, if not his life. What a horrid thing to do to someone she supposedly loved.

Am I the only one who really really expected Sawyer to die? Seems like the Island kills people once they have their little epiphanies, and Sawyer has not only realized that he loves someone and has done something unselfish for possibly the first time in his life...but someone actually loves him back. Although I'm beginning to think that he's too good for Kate. Bleh @ her.

I scored a Steelers Super Bowl Champions t-shirt today for FIVE BUCKS, on clearance. HAH.

Also, naominovik's Temeraire series rocks like a big rocking thing. I actually paid full price for the second one at B&N today because the Purple Cruiserberry went to the dealer for its 18K checkup and I needed something to read. This culture clash between the Chinese and the Brits is really interesting and the dragons are made of awesome.
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