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Heroes, I love you to death...

The voiceovers at the start and end? Are really starting to grate on me. Okay, yes. Mohinder is a hardcore evolutionist. We get it. But in an effort to make yourselves look smart, you've actually succeeded in making yourselves look patently ridiculous. Because, personally, I'm not going to let you get away with a statement like this:

Evolution is a flawless design.

No. You do not get to use the words "evolution" and "design" in the same sentence, in that context. Evolution is, by definition, random mutations brought about by random chance. Let's not even get into the fact that most mutations are either harmful or lethal to the organism that exhibits them. "Design" implies a designer. Pick one or the other, because by attempting to have it both ways, you're offending everyone in an effort to be all-inclusive. Just look at the "intelligent design" debate. ETA: Any deviation from evolutionary orthodoxy is stomped on hard. I'm pretty sure that a person like Mohinder would never say a sentence like the one above. /edit

Better yet, drop the voiceovers. Dudes, it's a show about superheroes. Not only that, it's a knockoff of the X-Men. Granted, it's a knockoff of the X-Men that makes me squee and flail on a weekly basis, but seriously: We have Wolverine as a cheerleader, Kitty Pryde as a badass gang leader, and Xavier as a skeptical young professor who just wants to go home and forget about all this stuff. You don't need to thump us over the head with all the "evolution" crap on top of it, mkay? X-Men can get away with it, although it still annoys the hell out of me. You? Not so much.

Oh, and another thing, this time about dog people. Claire's mom has a show dog. This dog is a Pomeranian. Trust me, I've hung out with people like her, for a very long time, and I'm fairly close to actually being one myself, only from the Agility POV rather than the Conformation POV. Yes, her house will be filled with statues of dogs. However, those statues? Will be Pomeranians. Not just random breeds bought because they're pretty. Not only that, but most of them will be Pomeranians that are the same color as hers. When I had the Old Dog, the Brittany statues and other things I got were, whenever possible, liver and white. Now that I have the New Puppy (who is six years old), I look for black and white Britts. Which, good luck in America, but that's a rant for another time.

Also, if someone suggests to a Serious Dog Person with a champion of any particular breed that they should breed them with something that isn't that breed? Snorting dismissal is a mild reaction. Screeching indignation and caustic remarks about "back yard breeders" would probably be more along the lines of what would be said. Just sayin'.
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