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More editing whine-age...

Yes, I'd like some cheese with it. Fried mozzerella, please, with ranch dressing on the side.

So, I copied and pasted the gargoyle fic into a new doc and saved it as "GargoylesMarkII" so I don't lose what I've got and can always go back to the original and say "suck it, dudes, if you don't like my timeline."

I've cut a couple of scenes and pasted them elsewhere. I've added graffiti to the gargoyle I wanted to add it to. Added more of the aforementioned emotion to the death scene and to the scene where my character "unleashes the power of gargoyles" upon her neighborhood. (I see you snerking over there, bigsciencybrain. Hush.)

And I'm thinking I need to add other scenes as well. However, it gets to a point where describing death and dismemberment gets boring, and I'm going to have to gloss over it with something cop-out-y like:

"As the weeks passed, more drug dealers were killed, who were replaced in their turn by other drug dealers, who were killed in their turn, and after awhile the word got out and the neighborhood's dope supply dried up and blew away like a dried-up blow-y away...thing."

Um. Only, better and more eloquent than that.

Yeah. *cracks knuckles*
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