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So, Chase got one right tonight, and... quits? I might quit too, my boss punched me in the mouth. Well, not "might." "Would." With a heavy dose of "assault and battery charge."

Tritter is a manipulative bastard and I hate him.

Okay, House is a manipulative bastard too, but he's a different sort of manipulative bastard than Tritter is, and I can therefore put up with him. However, he made Cuddy cry tonight, so that makes me hate him a little. Greg, honey, that was WAY below the belt, there. Bad House! No Vicodin!

And Wilson rolls over on his only friend. Wow. How sad is that?

Okay. I'm going to grant for a moment that House is a "drug addict." Although what that means, with his level of pain, is anyone's guess. Is he dependent on the Vicodin? Well, YES. Because he's in PAIN.

Not only that, but he's in a shitload of pain. That much pain equals fear. Fear that you will someday run out of the drug that keeps you from wanting to chew your own leg off at the hip. Fear that causes you to hoard the drug. Fear that causes you to steal a prescription pad and forge a prescription for it--even though you have 600 pills rattling around your house.

Not only that...but it looks, from where I'm sitting, like that fear has suddenly become justified. They're cutting him off. Two every six hours? Is that enough? I don't know. But I don't think anyone knows--except House. Because it's his leg. Certainly this damb cop doesn't know.

So, it looks like they're going to wean him off of the Vicodin. Dandy. How are they going to deal with his pain? What else is there to give him? What other treatment is there? I'm not a doctor, and I don't even play one on TV, so I don't know.

But it sure will be interesting to see what they decide to do. Because pain management is a tough call to make--and I'm fairly certain he doesn't want them cutting on his leg again. And, dude, I've been at the "ten" on the pain scale, and don't ever want to be there again. If I had to take twelve Vicodin a day to not be there? Damn straight I would.
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