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So, I wandered down to Borders today...

Because I had coupon-age. 25% off one regularly-priced book, 40% off a regularly-priced DVD box set. Shiny, sez I, I can get mecmouse's prezzie from the Hubby, and see if anything catches my eye in the sci-fi section.

So I grab Da Boy and off we go. I hunt for the third book in naominovik's Temeraire series, but it's not there. They have jimbutcher's "Dead Beat"...but... eh, think I'll wander a bit more.

There's no Farscape to be had in the DVD section, alas and alack, so I'm a good girl and buy my sis's prezzie instead. Wander through the kids' section, nothing really catches my eye that was any better than the clearance stuff they had in the foyer when we walked in, so, back to the sci-fi section, looking at hardbacks and oversized stuff this time. Maybe they'll have some of Neil Gaiman's "Endless" graphic novels...

Nope, nothing, nothing, nothing, we're looking, and poking and


Why did no one tell me that Stephen Lawhead (oooh, pretty music) had a new book? In addition, why did no one tell me that he's doing a trilogy about Robin freaking Hood?


Okay, Lawhead is one of the few authors out there that I'll actually shell out full price on a hardback for. His King Arthur series is one of the best in the business, IMO, I love The Song of Albion series beyond all reason, his Dragon King series is made of awesome...basically, the man can do no wrong in my eyes--other than the fact that it'd been so long since he'd updated his webpage that I quit looking.

What's really weird is that this thing, along with most of what he's done in the last, oh, ten years or so, has been historic rather than sci-fi. Patrick, Byzantium, the Celtic Crusades series...not really fantasy, definitely not sci-fi. And yet all his books get put in the SFF section of the store. Which is a good, because otherwise I'd never find them. But it's weird.

So, sorry, Alan Dean Foster, but the third book in Journeys of the Catechist, while I was looking forward to starting it tonight, is going to have to wait a bit.

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