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Coolest. Celebs. EVAR.

Guess who showed up to the cancelled con?

Adam. Nathan. Christina. Mark. Jonathan. Alan--who the con people cancelled because he was supposedly shooting a movie, and I believe the story was that he was shooting overseas. (ETA: He was apparently shooting "3:10 to Yuma" in New Mexico, which is definitely a part of the United States, no matter what some geographically-challenged people say.) OKAY. Then what's he doing there, now, wearing a "Whedon, you bastard" button with Wash and Book on it? Brett Matthews, of comic book fame, was there as well, signing comics.


Apparently the only reason Jewel didn't show is because she's stuck in Canada, because BE didn't pay for her plane ticket.

I thought maybe one or two would show up. But, dude. Just...dude. Of course, the cynic in me says, hey, free, GOOD publicity...but I like to think that they did it just for the fans so their weekend wouldn't be a total bust. Because they're cool like that. *nods*

In other news, Yahell is back up. *glares* Whose bright idea was it to do maintenance in the middle of the afternoon?
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