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More Flanvention news...

I've often said that I love my fandom "beyond all reason."

However, with the events of this weekend, I now have reason. Lots of them.

Clare Kramer (Glory, from S5 of BtVS) is apparently opening a restaurant in a week or two with her Hubby in Hollywood. Guess where the Browncoats went to dinner last night?

Yep. They opened early, and exclusively, for the Flanvention peeps to have their banquet.

Guess who all was there, as well? Nathan, Ron, Morena, Michael Fairman (Niska), Mark (Badger), Jonathan (Tracey), Yan Feldman (Mingo and/or Fanty), Christina (YoSafBridge), Claire (Glory), James Leary (Buffy - Clem), Camden Toy (Buffy & Angel - Prince of Lies, Ubervamp, Gnarl), Michael Muhney (VM - Sheriff Lamb) and Greg Edmonson (Firefly score).


Not only are the fans made of awesome (because the SoCal and NoCal Browncoats did yeoman's work in getting the backup Flan organized), but so are the actors. Everyone has pulled together and turned a disaster into something memorable and good.

Kudos to all of them.
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