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*insert witty comment here*

I aten't dead. Really. Just on vacation in the lovely city of Arlington. Hanging out with the fam. Doin' fam-type thangs. Ran the BeagleFic past the (published) Mom, who enjoyed what I did with it. *wipes brow* She also had some excellent suggestions for the GargoyleFic, some of which I'll incorporate--others, probably not so much, although she probably has a point. I'll see what snarking_boojum has to say about it.

Writing? What is this "writing" of which you speak? I've volunteered to be a backup for CYA, since four people requested me, so I'm writing one of the other three. We'll see how it goes with my hands tied the way they are.

Yeah. That's all from here. Very sorry I haven't been commenting much or around much; if anything important's going on in your life, please let me know. It's been hard to keep up with everyone.

*hugs flist*
Tags: vacations
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