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Year-end fic roundup...

Because all the cool kids are doing it.

Looks like the count for the year is:
Firefly: 10
BtVS/AtS: 3
Crossovers: 4
Drabbles: 5
Original stuff: 3...ish. Because, while they all have "the ends" at the bottoms, and one of them is out being looked over by an editor right now, the other two aren't really "finished" per se just yet.

I suppose I should do some linkage here.

Blooming Cactus: Firefly, post-BDM, Jayne/Zoe.
RiverDance: Firefly, post-BDM, Jayne, River, Mal.
Nature's Special Effects: BtVS, post-Chosen Africander.
One Man's Weeds: Firefly, post-BDM, Jayne/Zoe.
Facing Fear: crossover, pre-Faith/Mal.
Colors: Firefly, post-BDM, River.
Hair Fetish: Firefly, post-BDM, Jayne/Zoe.
Guiding Star: AtS, Wes/Lilah.
...And the World Cracked Open: Firefly, post-BDM, Jayne/Zoe.
Another Day, Another Apocalypse: crossover, ensemble Firefly, Spike, Fred, Illyria, Angel. The new, improved version of this is getting posted at jossverse_xover on a daily basis.
A Whisper to the Living: Firefly, post-BDM, Wash/Zoe.
Making Memories: crossover, Spike/Kaylee.
The Curse of the Autographed Football: BtVS, ensemble.
Assimilation: Firefly, post-BDM, Jayne, ReaverFic. *shudder*
Faking It: Firefly, Wash/Zoe.
Ra Shi Da: Firefly, Jayne, ScruffDog. Big honking fic spoiler if you scroll up, but it warns of unpleasantness, for people who don't like to read such.
Gun Control Means Hittin' Your Target: Firefly, post-BDM, Jayne, Kaylee.
Starting from Scratch: crossover, River, Spike, Illyria, Jayne.
Five Spike/Fred drabbles.

Wow. That's...kind of a lot of fic. Taking the FFN's word count as gospel and adding the count for the three original stories, I've done about 67,000 words this year in (completed) fiction. This isn't counting the 2,000 words of dragon-smuggling fic I'm working on right now, or the CYA ficathon thing in progress that is somewhat stalled while I figure out exactly where I'm going with it.

I think I'm going to choose to be impressed by that.
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