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All righty, then.

I have two stories formatted, printed, and in addressed envelopes, preparatory to being sent out tomorrow. The Abducted!Werewolf is going on its maiden voyage to F&SF, and the BeagleFic is heading out to Analog.

I have written absolutely nothing today, although I did format the BeagleFic properly with real headers rather than the ones I did by hand back when I didn't know how to do them. This...may be remedied after I finish this entry. After all, it's a Dare to Be Bad challenge, right?

Television tonight was awesome, and the previews for next week's Journeyman set off my MomDar like whoa. AUGH. Why you gotta do this to me, show? And I'm just loving Chuck. Ohyespleasegivememoreofthis. And if we could have Adam Baldwin handcuffed shirtless to the bed next time, that'd be peachy. *nods firmly*

There was a hell of an ugly wreck outside our backyard early this morning. From the looks of it, a Contour or something like it was turning left into the apartment complex, and a GMC SUV just plowed into him from the rear and shoved him up the street a good fifty feet or so. Da Boy woke me up for that (after four hours of sleep, yay)...and even though I went back to bed after the excitement was over, this may explain why I've been so very tired all day.

Da Boy was getting ready to put his bike back in the shed in the backyard this evening, when he glanced outside and said "There's a cougar in the yard!"

Now...we don't live in an area where we actually have cougars. They come down from the foothills and invade Sandy sometimes, but they don't get this far west. So, I looked, and it turned out that the neighbor's yellow Labrador Retriever had decided to jump over the five-foot-tall brick wall and play with our dog.

I don't actually have a problem with that. As long as they're happy and don't hurt each other, have at it, pups. Party on. Da Boy was kind of freaked though. He really thought a cougar was going to eat the PupperNutter.

Tomorrow I have to get ready to go to the last race of the season up in Boise, the Halloween Classic. Looking at the weather, this may be a disaster in the making, with showers forecast all week. Sunday is looking good, but...I guess we'll see. The entry fee is paid, and it's as much a social thing as anything else.

Getting ready entails packing, and buying my own Halloween costume for this shindig. I've decided to go with this one. Why, yes, that's a fake arm holding the basket, and the snake is a puppet. OF COURSE it is. This is, after all, me we're talking about here, right? Da Boy is going as a motocross driver, and the Hubby...isn't dressing. We didn't put a theme together this year, so he decided he didn't want to. Maybe next year...

Boy, that was random. Anyway, if you don't see me post for the rest of the week, it's because I'm in Boise at the race. Wish us luck. :)
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