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Note to self:

When checking flight availability for a trip from SLC to DFW, it helps to input the departure and destination airports, rather than just the date. The software is not psychic.

Da Boy is going to visit his Aunt next week. This will entail me being in airplanes or airports most of Wednesday, as I'm going with him to DFW and then flying home by myself the same day. I'll bring the computer and plenty of reading material, and might even get some writing done. I'd really like to finish the Faerie Show Fic sometime this century.

The purpose of this is so that I can go to CONduit without worrying about anything. The Hubby was going to have a weekend race, but he thinks the car is broken and hasn't had time to tear into it yet, and then he has to work on Sunday. Sending Da Boy to see his Aunt gives me the freedom to enjoy the Con all weekend, and also broadens his horizons a little.

This will be the first time he's been without us halfway across the country. I should be wibbling. Why am I not wibbling?
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