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We went to...

the Desert Star today, with the lovely and effulgent bigsciencybrain and her Fiance Critter, to see "The Wizard of Odd." I know I have local SLC people on my flist, and if you've never been to the Desert Star, you need to go see this. Sometimes the productions there fall a little flat, but this one knocks it out of the park on so many levels. And be sure and stay for the olio after the main show, too. I think it's only playing for another two weeks, and then it switches to "Indiana Bones," which should also be tons of fun.

I'm still waiting on a certain market to get back to me on a certain story, and trying not to read too much into the uncharacteristically long amount of time they're taking. *writes 100 times* I will not get my hopes up. I will not get my hopes up. I will not get my hopes up. I will remember that the slush pile my story was probably in was nine inches tall, and it doesn't get any shorter as time goes by.

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