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This has been a shit day.

Sometimes I seriously, seriously wonder if I'm cut out for this. Seriously.

I may need me some Jamocha therapy after this. Which would be a shame, since I lost a pound yesterday. In fact, stepping on the scale this morning was the only bright spot of the day. Which made a nice change from the usual, but damn. Did it all have to go downhill from there?

But yay for 133.4 this morning. I shall have strawberries instead of a fast food shake. Yes.

And at least the branch of the library that really has an excellent SF collection has The Grantville Gazette I. So I'm not going to have to either go all over creation to find it, or reserve it online and then have to wait.

This is, of course, assuming we get out of the house today. Because Da Boy is being a big ol' Delay Fish here. We should have been done with school nearly an hour ago...
Tags: da boy, emo posturing, weight
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