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All righty, then.

The Hubby and Da Boy are off to the wilds of Colorado. Until Saturday.

Oh my God, I have the house to myself for two blessed days.

*promptly falls asleep*

Huh, what?

Okay, yes, I will most certainly take this opportunity to write. Poke me, once in awhile, and make sure I'm not wasting my time playing Text Twist or other stupid stuff.

Erm. I suppose I should, you know...get dressed first. And caffeine. Caffeine is good.

Also, I just remembered that I wrote something down, two days ago, on the pad in my headboard. Maybe I should grab it and look at it. Might be important.

NO. I am NOT going to make an Iron Man iron-on for a t-shirt. My sick sick obsession can stop any time now. (This is not what I wrote down; it's something I just remembered noodling around in an insomnia-induced haze earlier this morning.)


EDIT: I just found an Iron Man/Doctor Who crossover that's made of shiny. Go forth and read.
Tags: fic recs, iron man, life
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