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Okay, it's past 1:30 and I haven't written a thing.

I have, however, noodled around with this picture enough that I feel like it's shiny enough to stick on my own private t-shirt.

The problem with the "official" Iron Man tees is that they all feature, well, Iron Man, rather than Tony Stark. And I want Tony. Which probably makes me strange and somewhat shallow, but the image of him in that shirt doing that thing with his arm just slays me, so there you have it.

However. It hasn't been completely unproductive for me, writing-wise. I've been actively thinking about the story and where it needs to go. I have an ending in mind, which is always a plus--and which, I'm finding, is becoming more common for me. I'm generally a seat-of-my-pants writer who has no idea how I'm going to end something until I'm thisclose to done, but the last few stories I've had endgames in mind (maybe not right from the beginning, never that) pretty close to when I start the story.

*evil laughter* My poor hero.

Anyway. I've also figured out what kind of story this is: It's a Quest. Now I need to figure out what the elements of that Quest are, how long it will take him, and whether or not he gets a sidekick. Also, who the sidekick is and what happens to that person once the Quest is over and done with.

And I think I just got my next scene. HAH.
Tags: cow&thebeanstalk, iron man
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