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Well. That's...better. I guess.

I've written over 1100 words of what I'm calling the not!iron man story. I made the plane crash work and decided it needs to stay there, because if we open with not!Pepper regaining consciousness in the basement, we don't really get a sense of these people, like, at all. If it was Iron Man, I could leave the crash out, but since it's not (really!), that scene needs to stay.

Also, I need to figure out a spec element, stat. This guy isn't a superhero, he's just a (very rich) guy. If he got rich making weapons, well, that puts him uncomfortably close to Tony Stark. But I think it needs to be some sort of R&D...maybe pharmaceuticals or something.

Maybe a superflu of some sort. Will have to think on this. And figure out who these people really are. Scraping off the serial numbers is one thing. Making them live and breathe and be themselves is quite another.
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