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I...am pathetic.

We got paid today. So I bought:
  • This month's Rolling Stone. Cover story: Robert Downey, Jr. Loooong article.
  • US Marshals on DVD. Shut up. It was in the $5 bin.
  • An Iron Monger action figure. Understand that I bought the Iron Man action figure it goes with about a month ago. If there was a Pepper Potts action figure, they'd actually come out of the packaging.
  • The animated Iron Man DVD, which actually looks kind of awesome. It was only $7.50.

    I considered picking up the Gothika/Queen of the Damned double DVD set (also $7.50), but it was in fullscreen, so I said "Meh" and put it back. And I really want to get some of the Iron Man trades. I just need to figure how much they're going to cost and put that money aside so I can get them all at once. And it looks like the Civil War arc is ... rather epic.

    I also read the EW interview with Robert, Ben, and Jack. Had there been anything in my mouth, it would have left, explosively. Several times. I swear, RDJ is one of the most self-aware people I've ever seen. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: He knows the bullet he dodged. He thinks about that bullet every day of his life. And he knows how blessed he is to have gotten another chance.

    Which is why when someone wants to RP him diving into a bottle because Susan is having a difficult pregnancy, I heartily wish for the ability to reach through the internet and strangle a bitch. *growls* Context is for the weak. Suffice to say that someone on the internet is WRONG and I'm womanfully refraining from ripping that person several new assholes. See, people? *points* This is why mundanes think that RPing real people is creepy.

    Also, Robert and Susan: Cutest couple ever, y/y?
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