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From IMDB:

Actor/moviemaker Jon Favreau had a few nervous moments while he was filming Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man - because the Chaplin star was actually ripping his classic car apart in garage scenes.

In order to show film fans that Downey Jr's Tony Stark character was capable of building the Iron Man suit, the director decided to show off his machinery and mechanic skills at the beginning of the movie.

So the Swingers star brought his classic '32 Ford Lowboy Flathead Roadster to the set - and let his star tinker with it.

Favreau reveals, "They painted it for the movie... and they said, 'Do you mind if we re-do the upholstery?' and I said, 'No, go ahead, whatever's good for the movie.'

"I wanted to show Robert working on an old car... and then Robert, being the method actor that he is..., was like, 'I should be ripping the head off the engine block.'

"Sure enough, he busted out the wrenches and just ripped the engine apart and I was just cringing in the corner."

Favreau recalls his crew looking at him as if Downey Jr. was having "a go at my wife."

I swear, men and their cars...
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