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I love being awake...

at five AM. Really.

But since I am, I might as well do my Monday Weekly Word Count.

Drumroll, please...

Last week's word count: 27,305

This week's word count: 30,735

Word count for the week: 3,430

Which is about a thousand more than last week, and not quite twice my weekly goal. Go, me.

Today, if I go a little over my goal, I'll crack 31,000. Seeing as I have the next scene kind of in mind, and a stuffed anteater under my arm for inspiration (along with, as I've said, a ridiculously handsome man staring at me from the right side of my computer screen with a sort of come-hither expression), I think I should be able to do that.

*cough* Not that the next scene is the least bit sexy, unless you think that non-consensual blood and pain is hot, which, yeah, not so much for me. Also, I may have killed off not!Happy in the last scene. And, not!Harry might actually prefer death to what they're going to do to him, and I've still got to figure a way around the whole "how are they going to control him" thing, because sedation for the really bad part may be out of the question.

Tags: pack dynamics, weekly word count
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