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It's time for...

The Weekly Word Count!

Drumroll, please...

Last week's word count: 30,735

This week's word count: 35,163

Word count for the week: 4,428

This is two and a half times my weekly goal, and over a thousand more than last week. I realize that my goal's not really all that (250 words a day, 1,750 a week), but it's realistic, and I'd rather set myself up for success than failure.

I've probably got enough plot figured out that I can cruise through this week. I've also realized that not!Harry should...really get a name change. Not only do I have another werewolf character with his first name in another story, but so does Carrie Vaughn in her Kitty series (which is brilliant, everyone should read them), which I just realized this morning. AUGH.
Tags: pack dynamics, weekly word count
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