Julie Frost, SFF writer (agilebrit) wrote,
Julie Frost, SFF writer


My mouth is not sore this morning. Yay! Considering the fact that the other side was sore for a good ten days after they got done with the uber-cleaning, I'm surprised and pleased by this.

Yesterday, I scribbled over 500 words, amazingly enough. I finally figured out what this scene needed to do, and accomplished it.

And now to bring not!Harry back from the dead. In a manner of speaking. *evil laughter*

So far this week, I've managed about 2500 words. This is a fine and shiny thing. This doesn't, however, mean I can rest on my laurels, oh no. Because each day resets and I still have to do that 250 words. Today, that shouldn't be a problem.

And now I leave you with funny links of awesomeness:
johncwright on How to survive an alien attack.
patrickrothfuss on How awesome it is being an adult.
icanhaschzbrgr is always good for a giggle.

And an icon:

Robert is, no doubt, disgruntled by the news that the release of "The Soloist" has been delayed until March. Boo! I know I'm not too happy about it. But at least we have a release date for "Sherlock Holmes": November 20, 2009. Yay!
Tags: dentist, funnies, icons, icons: rdj, pack dynamics, robert downey jr
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