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Snippet Saturday!

The lovely and effulgent difrancis (Diana Pharaoh Francis, her books are brilliant, you should totally check them out, fer serious) runs a little thing on her LJ she calls "Snippet Saturday," wherein she posts a snippet of something she's working on and invites the rest of us to do the same. Because I'm a shameless h0r, I frequently participate in this, and have done so this week.

Here's mine. Remember that remark the other day about "the most horrifying thing I'd ever written"? Yeah, that. And really, I don't know why this scene just gives me the cold shudders it does, but...yeah. Maybe it's the idea of using a human as a dialysis machine for a vampire and the fact that I have a thing about blood to begin with, so it hits my squicks just right.


And now I should really sit down and write my requisite 250 words for the day. I need something more between the current scene and the one before it, so I can rachet up the dramatic tension a smidge before not!Tony and not!Perry go riding to the rescue.
Tags: pack dynamics, snippets
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