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Okay, I don't suck quite so hard.

The scene sucks, but I don't. Over 500 words on the day, and I'm going to pop "Restoration" into my computer here pretty soon, as my RDJ obsession continues apace. This is the sort of scene that needs to percolate overnight and then be repaired the next day. Because that thing I said before about sucking at emotions? I still haz it.

What's funny is, that I sit here and obsessively refresh my wordcount as I'm doing this, and I go, you know, just another hundred and fifty words, and I'll crack the next thousand. That shouldn't be hard, right? And that gives me incentive to keep going. Because it's just a drabble and a half. Anyone should be able to do that...

But not!Harmony has come to a tough realization about herself, and not!Perry has just given her some pretty good advice. Maybe these two crazy kids will make it after all, even if one's a bloodsucking demon from beyond the grave and the other has what I'm going to refer to as a Wilson Complex. Or possibly a Cameron Complex, although Cam seems to have gotten over hers because Chase doesn't seem to need fixing.

The more I look at this icon, the better I like it. I'm keeping it until Halloween.
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