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Oh my god, I love these characters.

Really, I do. They've just been through this horrific ordeal, and they're engaging in witty banter. This is probably so they don't run screaming down the street, but still.

Here, have a snippet, because I like to share:

Ben came over from the front of the truck and squatted on his heels at the opening. His eyes had turned yellow. He wasn't angry, Megan could smell that much, but he was...determined. "I wouldn't hurt Megan, Alex. Or any of you. Under any circumstances."

"Why not? Also, the eye color isn't helping your case."

"Sorry." Ben closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them they were back to their normal blue. "You're pack. And pack looks out for each other. Simple as that. Also, Megan's alpha around here, and I'd never try to challenge that in a million years."

"Megan's alpha?" Alex looked offended. "What about me?"

Ben snorted. "She runs your life, man. You couldn't function without her telling you when to actually eat."

"I sign her paychecks!"

"A machine signs my paychecks," Megan pointed out.

"Well...I signed the machine that signs your paychecks."

"You just go on thinking that," Ben said as Megan climbed into the truck and stood beside him. "See? Alpha."

For those of you who have been playing at home, Alex=not!Tony, Megan=not!Pepper, and Ben=not!Harry.

And now, they think this is over and they can relax. ALL of them think that, including my bad guy. There will, of course, be ordinary fallout that will happen to their relationships as a result of this. So they'll be winding down and dealing with that and...


Because I'm evil. I'll probably give them...two days? To think they're back on what passes for an even keel.
Tags: pack dynamics, snippets
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