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In San Diego...

We got the last three seats on the plane and visited Sea World today. Got some fab pix. Ate at Oggi's. Only got lost once on the way back to the hotel, and easily found ourselves again, yay maps. Tomorrow we're going to the Wild Animal Park.

I figured out why not!Harry freaks so hard when someone comes at him with a needle and have incorporated it into the text of the story. I hate my brain. It's MEAN. Leave it to me to addict a character played by RDJ to drugs against his will, even if it is offscreen. Gawd. *headdesks repeatedly*

I also managed an edit job on about half the story on the plane, as Da Boy was seated in front of me next to an accomodating man who let him play video games on his iPhone, thus providing me a free baby sitter. Thank you, kind stranger!

And I think I want to do an Iron Man vid to "Stray Cat Strut." I'm pretty sure I can even pull it off.

Also, still quietly squeeing over the sale of the Werewolf Fic.
Tags: my brain is a scary scary place, pack dynamics, san diego, vacations
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