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Seems like half my flist is doing NaNo this year.

I...won't be. For a number of reasons, most of which have to do with the fact that I'm lucky if I can crank out 250 words in a day, let alone the 1,667 NaNo requires. Also, novel. Notwithstanding the current project (which I'm totally blaming on the presence of two RDJ's), I'm still not sure I have another one of those in me, and I'm pretty sure you're supposed to start something from scratch on Nov. 1 in order to qualify.


In honor of NaNo, I think I'm going to double my daily wordcount goal to 500. Seeing as I've done a little over 16,000 words in the last month, this should be doable. I did the math, and in order to actually finish the thing by the end of November, I'd have to up the daily goal to something like 1200 words, which I just don't see happening as a practical matter. 500, however...yeah.

I hope.

So, I'll be cheering you guys from the sidelines and doing my own thing this year.

As of this moment, I've hit the regular goal of 250 on the day. 400 more and I crack 45,000. I have a scene break, and I think I'll move over to my villains and see what they're up to. Should be some mystical mojo there, I think, when my lady vampire realizes that, oops, she sired one accidentally. Heh. And then not!Harry and not!Pepper are going for a wolfy run.
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