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I've been tagged...

On the "post a thing once a day for eight days that makes you happy" meme. *sticks tongue out at kurukami*

Today, I am happy for two things:

1. I cracked 82,400 words on the not!kkbb/im fic.

2. We didn't crash the plane in the fog today.

Not that (2) was an actual possibility, you understand, because taking stupid chances in a single-engine plane is, well, stupid, and we don't do that, but the first half hour of flight or so was...heavy-breathing-inducing. And not in the fun Mile-High-Club way.

But we made it off the island and past San Antonio, and are currently bunking in Dalhart, Texas. E-cookies to anyone who knows where that is without looking it up. I went to college in Canyon, and one of my best friends was from here, so I'm familiar with the area.

I have no earthly idea where we'll end up tomorrow. The forecast seems to change into something completely contradictory every hour or so, so DUATS is fairly useless.

We may stop in Moab tomorrow. For the night. Who knows. But I'm ready to get home, dammit.
Tags: pack dynamics, vacations
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