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That's a good stopping point.

I have blown past the midpoint and am now sitting at 26,200 words so far, which gives me 2900 words on my day--and which means I'll probably go for that extra hundred after I finish this entry just because. I revised my "Ideal Goal" down to 2000 words per day, because that's actually hittable and I'd rather encourage myself with something I can accomplish rather than discourage myself with something impossible.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try to put an END at the bottom of this one. I'm at the climax right now, so this seems possible, if not probable.

So far, so good. I handed the Hubby the remaining outlines, and he arranged them in order of what he'd like me to write next. Zombunnies came in first just because, I think, the word "zombunnies" is hilarious. So that one will be next, and then maybe I'll tackle Janni's story.

And in other Hubby news, he bought me a Micro Desert Eagle today. SUCH A CUTE BUT SERIOUS-LOOKING GUN, Y'ALL. I love it already even though I haven't fired it yet. Eeee!
Tags: eldritch plumbing, guns, hubby is awesome, nanowrimo
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