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  • Sun, 15:02: @PapaJohns for lunch. Protein bomb consumed. Now #amwriting. Plot Turn 2 just started. Giant werewolf/vampire scrum is Go.
  • Sun, 18:42: I am picturing Janni's face while writing this scene. Yes, that is the lovely Sophina Brown, who plays her in my head. http://t.co/fSLh9SPn
  • Sun, 21:34: Thursday's technical goal: DONE. 400 more to Wednesday's actual goal. Alcohol is a great lubricant. Janni is PISSED. Good times. #amwriting
  • Sun, 22:19: Wednesday's actual goal done. Onward to Bonus #1, which I only need 200 more for.
  • Sun, 22:20: It is SO VERY GOOD to have a supportive spousal unit. He's off to bed but says if I'm on a roll I should stay up. <3<3<3 #amwriting
  • Sun, 23:11: Bonus #1 done. I think 450 more to 40K total on the project, but I think I might be out of gas. Cat is snoring and I wish I was.
  • Sun, 23:37: 150 more to 40,000 total on this project. Anyone can do that. Right? RIGHT??? #amwriting
  • Sun, 23:57: THERE. 40,100 total on the project. Under 10,000 to go. 5100 words on this story, and I've hit the midpoint. And now it is bedtime. #honkshu
  • Mon, 11:02: Completely avoiding the annoi-- I mean, inauguration today. Last time put me in a frothing rage. Have run numbers, so now, I write.
  • Mon, 11:27: I'm avoiding the TV this afternoon.… http://t.co/6KBiFIpV
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