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I just cracked 2000 words on the New Thing...

And I have a week to go in the Project o'Doom. I'm at 44,500 words on the month. That's the good news.

The bad news is that this particular story is kicking my ass and I'm not sure why. I found an awesome villainous monster to drive my conflict (which I am tweaking for my own nefarious purposes, because I can), my ghostly sidekick is completely loveable, and I like my protag. I have my outline, so there's my Plot right there in front of me.

And yet, something's not popping here.

Honestly, I should just do some Write or Die sessions. Were I actually Smart, I'd do about four of those per day and be Done but apparently I'd rather flail around and grouse to all and sundry about how Hard this is. Sometimes I'm just... Stupid.

All that being said, even if I don't hit my 50K Technical Goal, or the 52,700 Actual Goal (my spreadsheet is a thing of beautiful horror, you should see it, really), I'm going to call this project a Success. The outlining has worked wonders as far as getting from Point A to Point Z, so I have gone from being a Confirmed Pantser to an Outliner in one fell swoop.

I like this experiment. I like it a lot. I'm physically exhausted and my brain is tired too, and I'm sure that most of the output has been utter crap, but I have words on the page that I can edit into not-crap, so, Win.

And I'm going to do it all again in June.

Meanwhile, I need to just start flapping my wings and write this damn ghost story.
Tags: nanowrimo, random capitalization is fun, unquiet neighbors
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