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  • Sat, 12:25: And it only took 4700 words to hit my first pinch. *headdesk* This one was supposed to be SHORT. #wellitsnot #amwriting #overmyhead
  • Sat, 13:08: Monday's Actual Goal now done. 800 to go to today's Bonus #1. Protag just realized he did something rather stupid. #amwriting
  • Sat, 14:08: ...just now realized I need a way to put my lady ghost in jeopardy via my draugr. So that's awesome. #headdesk #amwriting
  • Sat, 14:22: Once I stick an END at the bottom of this one, I call this part of the project Done. It will more than give me 50K, and I'm itching to edit.
  • Sat, 14:48: Dear tweeps: If I don't know u, and u give me nothing but a URL, and it appears that's all you're doing to everyone, I'll report u 4 spam.
  • Sat, 15:58: There's Bonus Goal #1 AND Wednesday's Technical Goal in the can. 48400 total and at the midpoint of this story, which is at 5900. WHEE.
  • Sat, 22:16: Writing Buddy liked Angry Bitter Angel story even though I basically gave him a raw first draft. Now if I can whack it down to 17K words...
  • Sat, 22:36: Bonus Goal #2 done. 49,000 words since Jan 1. #holycrap #amwriting
  • Sat, 22:53: And there's Tuesday's Actual Goal, and 49,300 words. Story is actually flowing right now. Apparently decaf works. Or food. Something.
  • Sun, 10:48: Welp. Outline is a shambles. I'm okay with that, though. Next time, figure out what monster IS, THEN outline. Duh. #amwriting
  • Sun, 11:37: FIFTY. THOUSAND. WORDS.… http://t.co/nGhFaYRj
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