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  • Sun, 13:48: All right, back to it. Let's see if I can stick an END at the bottom of this story today. And then: I EDIT. #amwriting
  • Sun, 15:36: Have a snippet!… http://t.co/746swupD
  • Sun, 15:56: Since my outline is borked, I now need to decide if I have a Boss Fight or if my protag just whacks off the monster's head while it sleeps.
  • Sun, 15:57: I know which my protag would prefer. He's hurt enough as it is right now.
  • Sun, 16:23: Hubby has never heard the phrase "Don't teach your grandma to suck eggs." Is this obscure or did I just grow up in that part of the country?
  • Sun, 18:45: "Yes, there are penalties in the Pro Bowl." Heeeeeeeee.
  • Sun, 18:51: ...I'm nearly 8000 words into this damn story and have decided I hate it in present tense. So that's awesome. #headdesk
  • Sun, 22:12: Tonight's #thementalist drinkjng game very effective. I should write now. y/y?
  • Sun, 22:14: Can one get pulled over for Tweeting While Intoxicated?
  • Mon, 07:38: I have to prep my character better. That or another try/fail cycle that will boost the wordcount as to make this practically unsaleable. Ugh
  • Mon, 08:06: This right here is what happens when your outline is borked.… http://t.co/XaJricNp
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