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Convention Season!

Is upon us. I've been saving since last year for all the events I'm hitting.
  • LTUE is in Provo Feb. 14-16. Wouldn't miss that.
  • MisCon is Memorial Day weekend in Missoula, MT. Jim Butcher is the Guest of Honor. This means I'll be missing CONduit, where my pal Larry Correia is the GoH, but, sorry, Larry. Jim trumps you, this year.
  • The Writing Excuses Retreat, June 10-16. That is going to be so freaking cool.
  • Salt City Steam, July 26-28. Wouldn't miss that either, because, dude. Someday I will write an actual steampunk story and a con like that is crammed with both information and ideas.

Now, depending on funds, I may try to hit Mile Hi Con in Denver in October, or maybe even WorldCon in San Antonio in August. But that's pie-in-the-sky at this point, dependent on selling actual fiction. And while editors seem to like me, they don't like me, like me, at least not enough to throw piles of money at my head.

But. We shall see. I have a process that works now, one where I'm not flailing, one that has me producing reliable amounts of fiction.
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