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Hey, remember how I hadn't got to the "I hate this story" point in this project yet?

*singsongy* I'm the-errrre!

Seriously, I hate this story. It sucks. It sucks hardcore. I have no idea how I'm going to stick an END at the bottom of it or how I'm going to fix the hot mess that it is in editing. My character is all over the place. It's in present tense, which I hate with the fire of a thousand suns, but it sort of needs to be because of the way I've structured it and restructuring it will take too much effort. The stakes are not nearly high enough here, and the simple solution would be for him to just get a damn room in town for the three nights a month the Thing bothers him--not go in guns blazing to try to kill the monster that's already kicked his ass at least twice.

My plot is broken. It may be fundamentally broken.

This. This shit right here. Is why writers drink.
Tags: nanowrimo, unquiet neighbors, writing woes
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