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And my string of "better class of rejections" continues.

So, I sent not!IronMan to one of the premier markets. They kindly said it "wasn't right" for them, but:

It's one of the best titles they've seen all year. (Clearly, its actual title is not "Not!IronMan.")

And they invited me to sub again.

So, that's... encouraging. I guess. Maybe I got someone's attention there, anyway. And I know exactly which story I'm sending them next. The timing is actually stellar on that, because I'll see the publisher where Won His Soul is during LTUE this weekend, and I can inquire about the status.

Today: More editing. I think I'll look over the new Janni story and see if I like it.
Tags: conventions, fic subs, janni's story, ltue, not!iron man, won his soul

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