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It's been a Day of Fail.

I got in the last bits of edits on the Janni story (unless and until I hear more from the folks who have it) and re-read Ghost Ship. I didn't outline it, but I re-read it. Yeah, it doesn't know what kind of story it wants to be and I'm almost afraid to ask. There's no dramatic tension, not really, it doesn't pop like it should, and neither the stowaway nor the ghosts actually take pride of place. The "problem" is also solved much too easily. I may have to excise the stowaway, even though I like her. I'll do that in a new doc, though. *sigh*

Two rejections in my inbox tonight. One flipped to the very last pro market on my list for it (not because it's a bad market, it just... hit last). The other--after rebooting my printer because it was being a butthead, editing the header after printing part of it out, realizing after I'd printed all 67 pages that I'd still neglected a space in the header and deciding not to print it again, because jeepers, and then printing out a cover letter that called a novelette a "short story" and, yes, reprinting that--is ready to wing its way to a snail mail market. I bet you can guess which one.

So much Fail in such a short space of time. Good Lord, I hope tomorrow is better.
Tags: fic subs, ghost ship story, janni's story, squonks, steampunk werewolf western
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