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I've poked the Ghost Ship outline again.

And I think I'm going to do away with the stowaway altogether. She's cute, but she's also a needless complication distracting me from the actual story.

...which, I'm going to have to figure out exactly what story I'm telling here and what commentary I'm doing on the Human Condition. I mean, I'm dealing with ghosts and the afterlife, even more so than I did in the Unquiet Neighbors story, and I think I may have to decide what I'm saying with this one rather than just telling a rip-roaring story, which is my usual style. I have something to hang my hat on, I think, but how it's going to play out is an open question.

Well. I'll let it percolate some more. We're going to Moab on Thursday for the Jeep Safari, and maybe that will kick something loose, both for this and for the Inner Workings story. I have until the end of May for both of them, plus five more outlines for the June NaNo project.

In between all that, there's the Jeep Safari, MisCon, and then the Writing Excuses retreat in June. It's a good thing I actually get work done at conventions and on vacations...
Tags: ghost ship story, inner workings
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