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AUGH. It's May!

And that means I need to gin up five outlines for the June NaNo push, plus the outline for the Fearful Symmetries antho.

I do at least have notions for two of those outlines. One will be for the Salt City Steam Writer's Challenge, and the other will be (yet another) story in the sprawling 'verse that encompasses Ben and Alex. That one will be about Alex's butler, who is a mysterious figure and could use some illumination, I think.

I wouldn't mind doing another casefic for Ben, and something about the Moab Monsters that I've played around with in both fanfic and in the second Ben novel (which will never see the light of day, but which I'm also perfectly willing to cannibalize for ideas).

I have a blurb to write for not!Iron Man, too.

So, apparently once you get serious about this writing thing, it never ends.
Tags: addiction vamp, nanowrimo, not!iron man

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