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Arrant Nonsense

Wherein I whine about writing. A lot.

Julie Frost, SFF writer
11 June
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I'm a 50-something stay at home mom who writes. My fiction is somewhat eclectic, running the gamut from hard SF to space opera to urban fantasy to straight fantasy, with a little horror thrown in. There's a sticky post at the top of my LJ detailing where and when I've been published. I have lots of stories out looking for homes, and I won third place in Q4 of V32 of Writers of the Future. My novel, Pack Dynamics, was published by WordFire Press in 2015 There's a DVD extra here from it, which came about because I decided that the actual story, told in a flashback, would be more effective than a couple of paragraphs in dialogue--and my inability to write any scene, it seems, from just one point of view. So, I took the scene where Ben and Janni meet for the first time in five years, following his return from a horrific experience in Afghanistan, and wrote it from his viewpoint.

I haven't written any fanfic since 2006 and have no plans to go back to it any time soon--much to janchristensen's--or "my (published) Mom," as she's known in these parts--glee. This isn't because I'm ashamed of my fanfic; far from it. But my focus has shifted. Those of you here for fanfic aren't going to be seeing it anytime soon again, if ever.

Be thou warned: Conservatism lurketh here--and sometimes comes right out in the open and bites you on the ankles. Don't flame me for my beliefs, and I won't flame you for yours, k? But the fact that Rush Limbaugh is in my "list o' interests" should alert anyone who's interested in such things that my political leanings are well to the right of center. There will be gun talk; I am a concealed carry holder and not shy about it.

If you friend me, please drop me a note in a comment and let me know why. I'm interested in such things, and it's always fun to find out why people want to read my ramblings. :)

Come in, kick back, and have fun! Anonymous comments are enabled, so feel free to weigh in. :-)

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Icon policy: Want, take, have, comment and credit, please, just so I know where they're going. And I'd rather you didn't alter them.

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